We invest in our customers’ requirements

Gondiplas S.L. manufactures and processes injected plastic parts sold either directly or to third parties. We also perform complementary operations including the mounting of assemblies and sub-assemblies, screen and pad printing, etc.

Gondiplas S.L. constantly strives to develop new products and quality, cost-effective products and solutions. We are therefore fully equipped with a complete range of technological means and infrastructures: a battery of 14 injection machines with clamping forces of 30 to 1,000 tons for moulding all kinds of plastic materials. These machines are fitted with features including robots, autoloaders, dehumidifiers, dispensers to guarantee the top quality finish of all parts.

Gondiplas S.L. principally concentrates on sub-contracts for industries such as:

Our products are the result of a continuous improvement process combined with the philosophy of constant innovation; we make all the necessary investments to meet our customers’ requirements, and always provide the very best of quality at a fair price within the given deadlines.

Feel free to contact us. We will be only too pleased to answer your queries on our manufacturing and plastic injection services, all specially designed to meet the specific needs of our individual customers.

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Pol. Ind.: Ugaldetxo, Zuaznabar Kalea 117-Oiartzun, 20180 Gipuzkoa (Spain)
Telephone: 943492975